Like many of you, I’ve had big ideas, dreams and schemes rattling around in my head for years. But as a working mom, just getting from one week to the next often seemed like the biggest accomplishment I could muster. Sadly, I began to realize it would take a major shot in the arm to make anything happen. 

Turns out that’s exactly what happened.

After a doctor-ordered cortisone injection for a nasty cold in 2015, I found myself with boundless energy for about 22 hours. Seriously. Every carpet vacuumed. Every surface disinfected. Every stick of furniture meticulously rearranged. And with ample fuel still left in the tank, I committed to creating the boys clothing line I’d wanted to start for quite a while.

My idea grew out of chasing my son around (and around and around), trying to slide him into some scratchy, stiff outfit on the way to family parties, nice dinners or special occasions. There just wasn’t much comfortable, yet timeless clothing available to boys. So, that night, I vowed to change all that for junior gentlemen.  

My mission is to create well-tailored clothes that boys enjoy wearing to a nice occasion or just to look good. But here’s the kicker: these are also clothes that will flex, stretch and wick, easily accommodating a game of post-dinner football or a quick tree climb. We want Walt & Finn to be the clothes your little explorer never wants to take off — so that he’s dressed and ready for wherever adventure leads.


For eight years, my husband has been working in St. Louis, Missouri, while I hold down our other fort in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We rack up a lot of miles in travel, and it is these back-and-forth flights, which follow the Mississippi River, that inspired "Walt & Finn."

Walt is the name of our son, a kind, old Southern soul who never feels there are enough hours in the day to get in all the golf and tennis he’d like. Finn is from the Mark Twain classic and Walt’s partner in crime. His Midwest spirit of adventure balances Walt’s interests with a love for hunting and fishing — two sides of the same shiny coin. Whether your son is more like Walt, more like Finn or an awesome combination, we’re here to support both your timeless taste and his adventurous spirit!

Cheers to wherever adventure leads!